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Fall is here! From the moment that first cold breeze creeps into the air, my mind wonders to cozy knitted sweaters and scarves. I love the look of knitwear, and am so impressed by my friends and family who are skilled in the art. I attempted to knit a sweater for Collin a few years ago… it is still missing arms. So, I decided to try to letterpress a knit pattern.

To create these coasters I carefully studied one of my vintage cable knit sweaters, then created a vector image separating each stitch. The image was then transferred into a metal letterpress plate. Next, Collin and I printed two styles of cable knit coaster on our trusty antique Chandler & Price letterpress. The first style is a blind emboss. This method is the same as letterpress but instead of using ink we use mountains of pressure to press the cable knit design right down into the fiber of the paper. For the second design we chose a beautiful dark gold. Since it is ink, not foil, the gold is warmer and almost looks like a deep shade of wood-like brown from some angles. We are so excited about the results!

Now, I have the prefect place to rest my steaming mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

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Posted on: November 10, 2010