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Cow Parts No.1 – the Cream Cow Letterpress Art Print

Are you looking at my round?

This limited edition letterpress art print “Cow Parts #1″is a collaboration between Julia & Collin at Red Bird Ink and Lucy Laliberte at  Two Sweaters.
Lucy painted the original AMAZING cow portrait and we made it into letterpress plates and then printed the plates using our trusty Chandler & Price letterpress.

The cream cow is a three color print. First, we printed creamy undercoat. Next we printed the dark brown spots. Finally, we printed the black lines, legs and text.

We have three other prints in this series…

the White Cow, the Brown Cow, and the Pink Pig.
Each piece in this series is pressed into tree-free, ultra thick, luxurious, cotton paper made using scraps from the garment industry.

Our press uses 100% human power. This means that our press uses no electricity, just the power of our arms and legs… think old-school treadle sewing machine but much bigger. See this vimeo by our friends at People of Resource for a visual.



– One letterpress print
– 8.5 x 11″
– 100% Cotton, ultra-thick (110lb) Paper
– signed and dated by Lucy
– Limited Edition of 51 Cream Cows

$40 each

This is an original Two Sweaters/ Red Bird Ink print. Design copyright © Lucy Laliberte.  Image copyright © Julia B Farill

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